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Rodeo Commercials is a full-service voice-over company, offering three unique voice-over artists in addition to complete recording and production services.

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Now, click each buckle above and select the voice for your next Rodeo Commercial!

Rodeo Commercials is a selective group of voice-actors who are also proven professionals in the rodeo industry that have come together to provide a valuable service for rodeo committees and event producers.

What makes us unique? We are a collaborative group of individual voice-over artists who are passionate about our craft combining over 20 years of experience in voice-overs and audio production.  We are voluntarily joining forces to offer a wide range of voice types and deliveries that you can choose individually, or as a group to give your event the boost in pre-sales that you are looking for!

In radio, television or internet, voice-overs are an integral part of the creation of a great fan base. 
We are here to help your event by delivering the maximum impact for your target audience and we can help you do what it takes to assure it gets there! Don’t let your commercials be voiced by the same local radio station DJ’s who people tend to tone out, use a fresh and unique voice familiar with rodeo that will grab your audiences attention!

Take your event to the next level, with our professional team of voice-over actors.